Sudan is your gateway to Africa!
Sudan is a country long hidden from the rest of the world. It’s the largest country in Africa and covers 8% of the surface of the continent. The country has a wealth of attractions, most of which are completely unknown to outsiders. Sudan is also one of the most ethnically diverse countries in Africa: over 100 languages are spoken within its borders. Most people are not even aware that Sudan is home to more pyramids than Egypt. 
"There is a magic beauty about these sites that is heightened by the privilege of being able to admire them alone, with the pyramids, the dunes and the sun," says Guillemette Andreu, head of antiquities at Paris' Louvre museum.

We offer day tours in Khartoum and other destinations in Sudan.

*All tours start and end in the hotels.

*All tours by private A/C car or van.

*All tours with a private guide, fluent in English and familiar with Sudan ancient and modern history.

*Lunch meals can be arranged when requested.

Tour 1 - Khartoum National museum, The Ethnographic museum, The Republican palace museum and The Nile River confluence. The Tour starts at 9am. The Tour duration 7-8 hours.

Sudan National Museum: Khartoum's most notable museum. It contains the largest and most important archaeological collection in the country and holds many treasures of Sudan's ancient, medieval saved artifacts from the submergence area of Lake Nasser.

Ethnographic Museum: Has a large collection of material covering Sudan's ethnic diversity. There are different sections dedicated to Sudan's different tribes.

Republican palace museum: Khartoum's old Anglican Church has been converted into a museum celebrating the history of Sudanese republic. The museum is worth seeing for its building, a fine red sandstone church with some pretty stained glass, built in 1904.on

The Confluence of the Blue and White Nile: Its two major tributaries are the White Nile and the Blue Nile, which meet at Khartoum before making progress north to the Mediterranean sea. Watch The White and The Blue Nile merging together from El Fateh tower hotel.



Tour 2 - Om Dorman market, The Khalifa house, and The Mausoleum of El Mahdy. The Tour starts at 9am. The Tour duration 7-8 hours.

Omdurman market: The largest market in Sudan consists of endless alleys and side streets lined with shops and stands and has an interesting variety of goods for sale, including ebony handicrafts and locally made jewelry.  The atmosphere is lively and bustling.

Khalifa's house: This house was once the home of the Mahdi's successor and is now a museum containing a collection of items from the Mahdi period.

Mahdi's tomb: This is burial site of the Sudanese most respected leader, known for his struggle against the British occupation. The tomb was rebuilt in 1947 after the original silver-domed one was destroyed in 1898 by the British army.

Tour 3 - Naga,  Musawwarat and Meroe. The Tour starts at 8am. The Tour duration 9-10 hours.

Naga This is one of the most preserved archeological sites in Sudan. The site of Naga is located about 30 km (18 mile) to the east of the Nile, about 130 km (80 mile) north of Khartoum. It is one of the two main centers that developed during the Meroitic Period

In Naga, Apedemak Temple (1st century A.D) and The Kiosk.

Musawwarat complex contains the largest set of Merotic remains in Sudan, covering an area of 55,000 square meters (538,195 Square foot). The complex is still an active archeological site and one should be careful not to disturb any work.

Meroe: More than 100 pyramids stand as burial sites of the dead kings of Meroe, sitting atop small hills disguised with sweeping yellow sand dunes. Meroe lies on the east bank of the Nile 45 km (28 mile) north of Shendi. and the pyramids here are Sudan's most popular tourist attraction. The site is divided into 3 main sections:

The Royal city, the Northern cemetery and the Southern cemetery.

Tour 4 - Sabaloga and the Nile Cataract. The Tour starts at 9am. The Tour duration 3-4 hours.

One of the most important characteristics of the Nile River are The Cataracts. The Cataracts are sections where the river tumbles over rocks and they have long kept boats from going up and down the river from Equatorial Africa to Egypt. There are 6 Cataracts.

You can see The Cataracts in Sabalooqa, where the 6th Cataract, is 60km (37mile) north of Khartoum.



Tour 5 - Hamid El Nile Mausoleum and The Dervishes Sufi dancing. The Tour starts at 3pm. The tour duration 3-4 hours.

Dervishes Sufi dancing: Omdurman's most cultural event. The ceremony starts with a march across the cemetery. The dancers chant as they march, accompanied by drums and cymbals, before they gather in the square. Held every Friday, 4pm at KheikhHamed El Nile tomb.


Tour 6 - The Camel market. The Tour starts at 8am. The Tour duration 3-4 hours.

Camel market: Sudan's largest camel market lies to the west of Omdurman. Most of the camels in the market are from Darfur and most of these camels destined for Egypt's market. The market is held every day, with Friday being the busiest day.

Other tours to different attractions in Sudan North and East, for more info visit (Itineraries) and (Attractions) pages.

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• We aim to bridge the gap between people from different cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds and open communication channels to narrow the gap of understanding between them.



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